Shopping and quality

Our professional buyers and quality engineers strive to find and develop good relations with the best manufacturers, in order to deliver products of the highest quality.

PowerMax's purchasing department is responsible for agreements concerning all products sold by PowerMax A/S.

We only select suppliers, who comply with current EU rules / -legislation and are constantly working to improve environmental conditions and ethics.

Our purchasing department always works in accordance with our mission of "Right Product, Right Price, Right Now", and therefore maintains a daily dialog with our suppliers regarding development of our program, price optimization and high availability.

Our quality department works hard and continuously strives for improvements, both internally and in collaboration with our suppliers.

We work closely with our suppliers at all stages of the supply chain - from the determination of specifications and the approval of the product (PPAP - Production Part Approval Process) and until the end of the product life cycle. The purchasing process forms the framework for a successful long-term business relationship.

We expect our suppliers to operate a quality management system, in order to ensure flawless delivery from the start of production. Therefore, schedules and requirements are discussed with suppliers at the start of the project.

Our own quality department performs entry checks on all shipments from new suppliers and random checks on shipments from approved suppliers.

If, contrary to expectations, a problem arises with one of our products, we solve the problem with a systematic approach, in collaboration with our suppliers, placing great importance on causal analysis and preventive actions.