Best in class - we want to be the best!


Right product, Right price, Right now

We want to offer the widest program of the right quality, delivered at a competitive price while maintaining a high level of delivery. It's our "Value Proposition".

We create value by virtue of our unique Positioning, where we via experience and competence, have built a unique program of both electric spare parts and complete units.
Our program and quality level is guaranteed via detailed knowledge of all the individual components, which are build in to our complete units.

"Best-in-Class" is the result of our focus on being relevant and creating value, not just for ourselves, but even more so for our customers.


We want to be the preferred "One-Stop-Shop" and provide "Optimal Customer Experience" in all "Touch Points". The company is still young, but possesses, by virtue of its employees, more than 300 years of experience in the auto electrical industry.

At the same time, we are characterized by the three Cs

Courage: We have the courage and the power to explore new ways

Creativity: We have the ability to dare and think forward

Confidence: We believe in our own abilities and that nothing is impossible - at least until proven otherwise!

PowerMax: Your 'One-Stop-Shop'.